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Writers wear many hats and lucky ones develop relationships with many different groups of people.  I’ve been very lucky and am grateful for the privilege of each and every one.


My sincere gratitude for all you have done to support me and my books.  If you’d like to receive notice of releases, ARCs, bookmarks, promotional materials, autographed bookplates for your store, please drop an email to infoandrequests (at) aol (dot) com and put “Bookseller” request in the subject line. You might also be interested in the Newsletter.  It’s posted monthly.  There’s an email mailing if that’s more convenient for you, and a widget that updates itself.



You can read the first chapter on any of my books here. On the right is a listing of the books.  Just click on a title of interest.  I’ve started Chapter 1 Zone where you can read first chapters of many different novels in a variety of genres.  To buy any of my books, visit your favorite bookseller.  Here’s a shortcut to the books, visit, or if you prefer to borrow, here’s a listing of public libraries.  Be sure to enter my monthly contest for a chance to win one of my novels–and watch for the special prizes during the month of my new releases.  In February, to celebrate DEADLY TIES’ release, I’m giving away a one-caret diamond necklace as well as an autographed copy of DEADLY TIES.  You can enter at contest. Thank you so much for the kindnesses and generous spirit with which you’ve received my books and me.  It means the world.



Your interest is appreciated.  VICKI HINZEPress Kit.doc includes Biography, Awards & Honors, Bibliography, FAQ, Interview, Q & A.  FAQ and Recent Interviews.  You might also find the audio NEW DIRECTION: A MESSAGE TO READERS (listen below) of interest:  Emails are welcome.  Please use this address:  infoandrequests (at) aol (dot) com or if time is short:  vickihinze (at) vickihinze (dot) com.



The Writers’ Zone is a special project program that includes a free Writers’ Library (please read the Rules before applying for access),  Writers’ Zone Group, and a Writers’ Zone Sample Newsletter.  Some general info you might find helpful:  NEW DIRECTION (listen below).  And an informal chat about Writers’ Zone.   LISTEN.   Because the Zone info is lengthy, please visit it here.

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