Kill Zone

War Games Series #5

Kill Zone
Book 5, War Games series
ISBN:  1934755613  9781934755617
JULY 2009
Kill Zone Excerpt.pdf an Excerpt of Kill Zone



“There is a murder and the husband is accused.  The brother knows he’s innocent and convinces a psychologist that works for a secret military outfit to help him prove it.  Kill Zone by Vicki Hinze (Medallion, $7.99) combines romantic suspense, military technothrillers, and paranormal elements to great effect.  I was honestly surprised how much I enjoyed the story and the memorable characters.”
–Jeff Ayers, Author Magazine

”This story contains an engrossing situation that ratchets up the suspense.  Unique characters try to capture an evil-to -the-core villain before he strikes again.  Hinze ends this outing with a perfect setup for the next adventure.”
–RT Book Reviews

“With a nod to Charlie’s Angels, but with an ESP spin, fans will enjoy the fast-paced and well-written KILL ZONE though the track of the story line is very obvious. The villain’s traits are purposely hyperbole, but that makes for the fun in the tale as Kunz is a solid foil to the heroic trio as super agents need super opponents. Filled with misinformation and disinformation by those allegedly on the side of SAT, readers will enjoy the first War Games with its paranormal battle front. Vicki Hinze is a brilliant suspense writer.”
–The Mystery Gazette

Sizzling Romp James Bond style
Vicki has given us another rocket-paced military suspense in her War Games series. The first to introduce the concept of the diabolical Thomas Kunz–a terrorist and black marketeer bent on taking over the world by infiltrating the West’s intelligence agencies with double agents–was BODY DOUBLE, followed by DOUBLE DARE, DOUBLE VISION and now KILL ZONE. The difference with Kunz’ doubles is that they look and sound like the original agents but are actually opertives who have been mentally, physically and surgically altered to follow his orders and steal top-secret government information for him. This time Kuntz targets a special abilities team led by psychologist Morgan Cabot and her two associates, Taylor Lee and Jazie Craig, after they are assigned to solve the mysterious death of the wife of a U.S. biological warfare expert. This team of “intuitive” parapsychologists consults for Colonel Sally Drake who runs S.A.S.S.–Secret Assignment Security Specialists, a group of highly trained American operatives who work outside normal protocol to protect the United States, but the American public can never know of their existence. Using S.A.S.S. as her anchor, Vicki Hinze presents each book like an episode in a television series. Only her gift for creating superb characters carries our suspension of disbelief so we can enjoy these stories forged in what seems a bizarre concept of identity theft.   Kill Zone entertains and dazzles.”
–Bonnie Toews,    At the Crossroads of Humanity

“WAR GAMES: KILL ZONE is a fast moving story that reacquaints readers with the adventures of the S.A.S.S. team that began in DOUBLE DARE, and continued in BODY DOUBLE and DOUBLE VISION . . . Kill Zone is an action packed suspense that keeps readers glued to the page.”
–Livia Holton, TRRC

“GRID [terrorist black-market arms and intelligence brokers] has been using doubles to infiltrate positions of power in the government and steal sensitive information, and SAT [Special Abilities Team] is determined to stop the thefts. The paranormal Charlie’s Angels concept will get readers interested. . .”
–Publishers Weekly


Colonel Sally Drake returns with a new unit of S.A.S.S. (Secret Assignment Security Specialist) operatives, the Special Abilities Team–S.A.T.

Psychologist Morgan Cabot commands a special military support team that provides a unique service. While they are highly trained for military combat, their special abilities don’t require training—they are gifts. Dr. Cabot and her teammates, Taylor Lee and Jazie Craig, are “highly intuitive”: they hear, feel, and see things that others can’t. They are the Special Abilities Team, and they function outside of normal protocol—and the American public can never know of their existence.

The Secretary of Defense of the United States has called upon Cabot’s team to stop Thomas Kunz, a sadistic terrorist who specializes in black market arms sales and intelligence brokering.

Kunz’s brand of terrorism threatens the United States on multiple levels—his funding is infinite and his reach is global. His modus operandi, using doubles to infiltrate and gather classified information, puts him in a unique position to make the fears of every American citizen a reality.

Colonel Jackson Stern and his brother, Bruce, a biological warfare expert, have become Kunz’s lastest targets. When Bruce’s wife is found stabbed to death, Jackson dedicates himself to a quest for the truth.

Will Morgan’s team help Jackson uncover Kunz’s secret plans before it is too late? Or will the most secretive terrorist organization in the world transform America into a terrifying and deadly Kill Zone?

KILL ZONE will be released in July 2009 by Medallion Press, kicking off a new SAT–Special Abilities Team–of operatives.

Published by Silhouette Bombshell (women’s action/adventure):  BODY DOUBLE, DOUBLE VISION, TOTAL RECALL, DOUBLE DARE

Coming from Medallion Press in July 2009:  KILL ZONE

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